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Privacy Standards and Conditions
The Privacy standard for bambampost applies to all User's, Members that are Associated or Affiliated with Bambampost.com / Bambampost LLC hereafter referred as Bambampost, members-only worldwide positive posting club.
Bambampost, “hereafter referred to as (“we” or “us”) always respects, and protects the privacy of our Guest, Members, User's; as well is committed to delivering a private Social Media Posting Platform environment always and forever.
When you use or become a Member of Bambampost, you can trust we don't save it or ask you for it to become a member of our posting club. We only go by Screen Names that are not associated with your other social online accounts or affiliated in some way. Your Screen Name must have letters or numbers that can not contain any part of your real name in someway whatsoever. We respectfully reserve the right to refuse any member or guest or companies screen name that is derogatory or negative or affiliated to any of your online social accounts. We understand this will change from time to time, however, to keep this website platform positive and with no personal information accepted this is our company policy and always will be together with the highest level of human protection as well we value your trust. We have provided this Privacy Policy to explain how Bambampost protects your privacy at all times when entering our social website, Member or Guest and what information we collect through post or postings and some of your privacy rights regarding that information.
Effective November 1, 2017
This Policy may change from time to time.
Please check back frequently for updates.

1. Bambampost does not track search history in any user identifiable way.The most popular social websites create search profiles of specific users to retarget ads based on those search queries as the user navigates.Bambampost does not track your search history in any user identifiable way.

2. Bambampost does not retain server logs connected to personally identifiable information (PII).Bambampost does not use tracking tool or maintain logs that compromise your privacy.

3. Bambampost prevents your ISP from tracking your search terms.Some social websites do not encrypt your queries, which means your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can intercept and access them and connect them to your web and cable account. When you use Bambampost, your search queries are or will be encrypted so that your ISP cannot read them.

4. Bambampost does not associate your searches with your membership posting online accounts. The most popular social websites offer other services which often collect sensitive personal information such as email (Gmail, Outlook Webmail, and Yahoo! Mail) and social web services (Google+ and YouTube). When you search the web and remain logged into these accounts, your search queries can be easily connected to your profile.  Bambampost does not accept any personal information and will never ask for it nor is it approved, and you must use a Screen Name that does not relate to any other social accounts you might have for your post to be on our main posting page.
Bambampost will never ask you for any personal information whatsoever, Bambampost completely disconnects your searches from being tied to your email accounts and social profiles.

5. Bambampost does not request, log or share your personal information. Bambampost doesn't collect or maintain any personal information from users who use Bambampost .com.

6. Bambampost relies on the members to determine the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns on how they rate each post or postings from selecting the BAM tab and letting us know how they were inspired by it or in some way it moved them. Because we don’t track any personally identifiable information, we can’t do more than determining that a specific user searched for whatever search terms they searched. We know nothing about that particular user, and we don’t have anything identifiable about the user. Using cookies also allows other social websites to monitor your search queries on the browser to help hide the history of what you searched for on your device. However, Bambampost is not interested in tracking your search history nor wants it for a third party of any kind.

7. Bambampost interest is in helping hide your search history on your device in any way we can to prevent any personal information from reaching our website. Bambampost will use any proprietary technology to hide your search history from others who may use your device after you search. This may save you from some embarrassing situations.

8. More Information.
For more information about protecting your privacy, you may want to visit http://www.Bambampost.com/privacy If you wish to be notified of any updates to this Privacy Policy, please check back frequently as any updates will be posted to Bambampost.com/privacy page without notice being we don't collect any of your personal information with a new effective date.

9. Contacting Search Bambampost If you have questions about this Privacy Policy and your rights under this policy, please write to us at the address below.