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Posting Content
Bambampost.com will adopt the following Posting Content for all Music, Movies, Photo’s and Post that are requested to post by all Member’s that join our worldwide Social Single Posting Club.

No Negative post, words, derogatory or anything that would relate to being offensive in some way to all and/or any member’s or human life for that matter. This will include all Movies, Music, Events, Photo’s or Post by any Member in our worldwide social posting club.

No Raciest words or remarks that are negative, derogatory or would lead to being in some way by any member that joins our worldwide social posting club that request and/or send us a posting that they would like to see posted on our main page or website for that matter.

No Religious words, gestures or numbers that are or would define any one Religion as the best or the most believed in the world or any way to avoid any one member’s beliefs to be wrong or that would define them as not being accepted or approved by the world or our members only worldwide social posting club. Bambampost will reserve all rights to always hold these standards’ and all member’s accountable with being responsible on all our Posting Rules together in connection with our Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions thereof.

All Posting Content will be reviewed prior to Bambampost accepting and/or approving any member’s postings of Music, Movies, Photo’s, Post or events as well they will be held to these standard of excellence that Bambampost.com will adopt or follow always and forever.

All Postings will be subjected to Bambampost Standards of excellence together in connection with the companies Privacy Policy, Terms, Condition and Posting Rules and Responsibilities which each post or posting of any kind will be looked at and be put through these guide lines that Bambampost.com adopts and accept fully responsible to insure each post by these qualities.

All Members of Bambampost.com Worldwide single page Posting Club will be in agreement that when each post is posted by them it will now be the property of and/or now owned by Bambampost.com.  Bambampost.com will have the full rights to market or advertise it in any way on the main web posting page or any other website Posting pages that are created in the future and/or to gather information and sell it to a third party upon the voting or rating our member’s give it by tapping or selecting to by their own free will or choice with the BAM (tab) that indicates they Love the post and can post their positive thoughts about it.

Bambampost Reserves the rights to all content on all it's website pages and/or any of the postings to insure our sponsors or advertisers are protected in any way possible. Bambampost.com and its affiliated companies will have these same rights that are outlined here and on any other website pages that are associated with our Worldwide Single Page Posting Members Only Club Social media platform.

Please note that all are in connection with these standards and that will always be changing at any time due to all or any new provisions that Bambampost would need to adopt or change due to new laws or other state and federal laws that would be to comply with