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What's it like to kiss under a thousand stars,
First of all it's called Amazing
Well in the event you fall in love or you allow yourself to, there is a moment that your life turns the other way and the stars line up, with the both of you looking up at over thousand stars that, when your being held by someone who will never let you go or appreciate all of you in every way every day then you will know what this feeling is like. Most go there whole life wondering what’s its like to be in true love or what’s its feel like, only those who can do it multiple times with taking your breath away all the time get to experience this, know that it true and that it’s just waiting for you to decide if you want it or are going to let it pass you by.

You can never kmow whats it like till you try it or let go of what you thought was a great kiss!
She kissed me as the sun set for the first time and we got married three months later! on the same beach.
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Wolds # 1 romantic getaway
Member tuk9347    Love it
We kissed for the first time
and he took my breath away!
Member hsken 4877   Love it  
It was the most romantic moment in my life. 
Nous sommes tombés amoureux quand nous nous sommes embrassés sous les étoiles
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Worlds best place to fall in love call today.
Nos enamoramos desde el momento en que nuestros ojos se encontraron y el resto fue historia
Member sjdfi 98776     aimer
Je n'oublierai jamais la première fois qu'elle m'a embrassé et m'a coupé le souffle
Member jdue93768   Me encanta
Fue un momento que nunca olvidaremos juntos para siempre bajo las estrellas 
Você nunca saberá até que você tente isso nos beijamos e o resto é história
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​Want to fall in love it starts here
Sie küsste mich und es war alles vorbei wir heirateten
Member  jsjguf8765     Liebe es
Als sie mich küsste, schlug mein Herz schneller, dann öffnete ich meine Augen und es war wahr unsere Liebe
Member kjsfh3867           Adoro
Meus lábios tocaram os dela e nós dois olhamos para o professor e nunca olhamos para trás

Saat dia mengambil napas saya tak ternilai harganya, saya tidak akan pernah melupakannya
Member sjjdyy85899      suka
cinta begitu istimewa ketika kita menciumnya luar biasa
Member eidku90237     爱它
Iklankan bisnis Anda di sini dan dapatkan lebih banyak pelanggan

Yang terbaik dalam liburan untuk pasangan
ci siamo baciati, ci siamo toccati, poi siamo tornati a casa e abbiamo amato per sempre
Lo adoro Member hasku7765
Quando mi ha baciato, ci siamo innamorati per sempre e sempre
Member 29djhfui  大好きです
لم تخبرني حتى قبلنا ، ثم وقعنا في الحب
She touched my heart and I touched hers we never looked backed
Member dsjd 8367    Love it
We went to the park we looked at each others eyes then we fell in love
Love it       Member  dsdj7522
هي أكثر إمرأة مدهشة أعرفها ولهذا السبب تزوجتها هي زوجتي الآن